VELVET GODDESS | Red Velvet & Chocolate Vodka (floral)

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VELVET GODDESS | Red Velvet & Chocolate Vodka (floral)

Feeling like Mom’s about to turn into a red velvet rage monster this Mother’s Day? Satisfy her hunger with a twist on Red Velvet Cupcakes for Mom!

Step away from the store-bought cake mix! And give her a taste of pure luxury with Boozy Bakes’ Velvet Goddess Cupcake. A moist and fluffy red velvet cake infused with decadent chocolate vodka, guaranteed to have Mom feelin’ more like a velvety goddess herself and less like a stressed-out superhero.

We frosted this classic with a silky smooth cream cheese frosting, piped into delicate little roses. It’s the perfect way to let her know you know you didn’t deserve her as a kid.

Skip the boring chocolates (or add some Tipsy Dipped strawberries to your order) and tuck in a Velvet Goddess cupcake in your cupcake bouquet. Trust us, Mom will be thanking you for this delightfully boozy (and highly decadent) tribute. She deserves to feel like a queen!

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