SUNNY SMURF | Blueberry Lemon [Sober]

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SUNNY SMURF | Blueberry Lemon [Sober]

Prepare to be enchanted by our Sunny Smurf – a delightful fusion of blueberry and lemon flavors that will whisk you away to a sun-kissed orchard on a warm summer’s day! Imagine a moist and zesty lemon-infused cupcake, bursting with the tangy essence of freshly squeezed lemons. Each heavenly bite will transport you to a picturesque lemon grove, where the citrusy aroma fills the air with joy. To add a touch of elegance, a lemon wedge and a few plump blueberries crown this masterpiece, elevating its beauty and taste to unparalleled heights.

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Gluten, Milk, Eggs