SHENANIGANS | Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream

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SHENANIGANS | Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream

Sure, there's whiskey aplenty and shamrocks galore, but Shenanigans ain't your run-of-the-mill cupcake! Dive into a moist cake, infused with the devil's share of Irish Whiskey for a kick to the senses. Atop this wee bit of heaven sits a cloud of silky Irish Cream frosting, smooth as a leprechaun's smile. A sprinkle of gold glitz and a glittery shamrock add a touch of the craic, making Shenanigans the gallivanting treat for any day. So grab a fork, raise your spirits (and maybe a pint!), and get ready for some delightful shenanigans!

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Gluten, Milk, Eggs