SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN | Chocolate & Bourbon

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SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN | Chocolate & Bourbon

Meet the “Southern Gentleman” Cupcake – the chocolatey outlaw with a bourbon swagger that’ll have your taste buds tipping their hats! These cupcakes are so smooth; even James Bond would be envious. With a bourbon infusion that’s sassier than a saloon brawl, each bite is a flavor adventure that’ll leave you saying, “Yeehaw, that’s a cupcake!” Whether you’re savoring solitude or sharing with a rowdy bunch, “Southern Gentleman” is your go-to treat for a taste of southern charm, a hint of rebellion, and a whole lotta chocolatey excitement. Warning: these cupcakes may lead to smoky grins, bourbon boldness, and an irresistible urge to raise a cupcake toast!

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