LILITH AFFAIR | Gin, Lavender, Lemon

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LILITH AFFAIR | Gin, Lavender, Lemon

Welcome to the scandalously sophisticated world of “Lilith Affair” Cupcake – a tantalizing rendezvous of gin, lemon, and lavender that will leave you weak in the knees! This daring treat is like a secret love affair that only the bold can handle. The herbacious gin-infused cake is a cheeky nod to the rebellious spirit inside you, while the zesty lemon and delicate lavender seduce your taste buds like a forbidden summer-time dance. Topped with a sinfully citurs buttercream, it’s a tantalizing tryst you won’t soon forget. Get ready to indulge in the allure of “Lilith Affair” cupcake – because life is too short to resist temptation!

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