LILITH AFFAIR | Gin, Lavender, Lemon (floral)

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LILITH AFFAIR | Gin, Lavender, Lemon (floral)

Feeling like Mom’s about to lose her cool this Mother’s Day? Forget the Spa, get Boozy Lavender Lemon Gin Cupcakes for Mom!

Ditch the chamomile tea and help her channel her inner wildflower with Boozy Bakes’ Lilith Affair Cupcake! This ain’t your standard bakery fare. It’s a decadent cake infused with herbaceous gin, calming lavender, and a touch of sunshiney lemon, guaranteed to have Mom feeling more like a mythical goddess and less like a frazzled mortal.

We frosted this beauty with a silky smooth gin buttercream, piped into delicate little blooms, and finished it off with a touch of real lavender sprigs. It’s the perfect way to give mom flowers this Mother’s Day.

Skip the boring chocolates (and add some Tipsy Dipped strawberries to your order) and tuck in a Lilith Affair cupcake in your cupcake bouquet. She deserves a taste bud spa day!

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