GREATEST HITS | Best Seller Assortment

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GREATEST HITS | Best Seller Assortment

Introducing our “Greatest Hits” collection – the superstar lineup that’s got cupcakes dropping the mic in flavor town! These cupcakes are the Beyoncé, the Elvis, the MJ of the cupcake world, and they’re ready to rock your taste buds. Every boozy bite of these chart-topping sensations will have you singing, “Sweet dreams are made of these!” So, grab a box and let your taste buds join the cupcake hall of fame – because when it comes to dessert, we’re the real rockstars!

Assortment includes the following:

  • CITRUS MISTRESS | Lemon Vodka
  • DULCINEA | Churro Tequila
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT | Strawberry Daiquiri
  • K-CUP | Kahlua & Cream
  • MARIACHI | Margarita
  • SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN | Chocolate Bourbon

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Products Contain the Following: 

Gluten, Milk, Eggs