What is Boozy Bakes?

We’re the bakery outlaw that puts the “adult” in dessert. We bake up drool-worthy cupcakes, brownies, gelatin shots, and ganache dipped strawberries infused with enough booze to make your grandma blush (and maybe ask for a bite). 

How does Boozy Bakes serve 'em?

All orders can be processed online, by email, or by phone. We do not have a brick and mortar. Instead, we do everything fresh to order!

  • Austin-wide delivery ($35 min spend)
  • Pick-up [near Circle C] ($21 min spend)
  • Nationwide Shipping (Excluding Alaska & Hawaii)

Every liquor-infused dessert is hand-crafted fresh for your order. Online orders submitted by 7pm can be available next business day.

Shipping orders require 3 days’ notice.

**Procrastinators please call 512.368.9570 for same-day order availability**

Will Boozy Bakes get me drunk?

Hold on there, party animal! While our cupcakes are infused with a delightful nuance of booze, they’re not designed to get you hammered at your desk. Think of them as a boozy wink, not a full-on tequila slammer. That being said, everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, so pace yourself and listen to your body (and maybe avoid that karaoke audition after a box of cupcakes).

Just how much alcohol is in your desserts?

A lady never reveals her secrets. What we can tell you is this: it’s enough to add a delightful little kick and a boozy accent to the flavor, without turning your tongue into a full-blown frat party. Think of it as a sophisticated nudge, not a punch in the face with a shot.

Do you deliver/ship?

Absolutely! We deliver all over Austin and Nationwide, so you can enjoy a little tipsy treat from the comfort of your own couch (or bathtub, we don’t judge).

Local Austinites can also pick up their orders if they’re feeling adventurous in this traffic.

Are Boozy Bakes safe for work?

Absolutely! Since alcohol in food metabolizes shyly, they’re a fun way to add a little pizazz to a work event (assuming your office doesn’t have a “no fun allowed” policy). But hey, if your boss frowns on even the faintest whiff of liquor, we’ve got your back. Check out our selection of delicious and fancy Sober cupcakes – perfect for any occasion where you want to keep things profesh (or keep your job).

Are Boozy Bakes safe for kids?

No judgments here, but not recommended for littles. Think of them like delicious packages of PG-13 fun. So hide them well from your teenies, or you might be explaining why Elmo suddenly sounds a lot more interesting.

Can I still get my Boozy Bakes on with dietary limitations?

Hell yes! We take pride in using high-quality ingredients and crafting delicious recipes, regardless of dietary restrictions. You won’t miss out on the flavor or the fun with our boozy, alternative options.

Available in GF, DF, or both!

I want mine Extra! Can I customize?

While we produce fresh for your order, we’re all about movin’ and boozin’, so these offenders are put on repeat.

BUT WAIT! Looking for just a little personal touch? We got you. Here’s the lowdown on customization at Boozy Bakes (by the batch):

  • Batching Up Boozy Bliss: Got a signature cocktail that screams “OMG! My fave!”? We can whip up a custom batch of cupcakes infused with your fave drink. Perfect for weddings, Bachelorette, or just to celebrate like you.
  • Simple Tweaks for Tipsy Cheeks: Want a little somethin’ somethin’ extra? We can add a sprinkle of sprinkles, a floral design, or even a colorful frosting swirl to our classic cupcakes.

Now, before you get carried away…

  • Full-Size Cakes or Themed Decor? Nah: We specialize in hand-held boozy delights, not sliceable skyscrapers. So, hold off on the Pinterest cake dreams. But we can offer recommendations!
Do you make cakes?


We have spoken.

What if no one is home for local delivery?

Hold up, Sunshine! We can leave your boozy bounty at the door, but only if:

  • Shady Lady Takes Center Stage: Those cupcakes are delicate darlings, so make sure your doorstep is a shady oasis, or this party’s gonna fizzle real fast.
  • Heatstroke for Treats ain’t Cute: If it’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol out there (so basically, 80+), and your building doesn’t have a temperature-controlled hallway, this option is a no-go. We ain’t delivering puddles of sadness.
  • Leasing Lady Loves You (and Booze): Living in a building with a friendly leasing office or concierge crew? Now we’re talking! They can hold your boozy package, ensuring a safe and delightful arrival.

We take presentation seriously here at Boozy Bakes. Melted frosting is a party foul, and redeliveries can cost up to $20. We’re not responsible for heat damage if you choose to ignore these warnings. So plan accordingly, and prepare for a boozy celebration that arrives looking as fly as it tastes!