How does Boozy Bakes serve 'em up?

All orders are processed online, by email, or by phone. We do not have a brick and mortar. Instead, we do everything fresh to order.

  • Austin-wide delivery ($35 min spend)
  • Pick-up near Circle C ($21 min spend)
  • Nationwide Shipping

Every liquor-infused confection is hand-crafted fresh for your order. Online orders require a 24-hour notice. Shipping at least 48 hours.
**Procrastinators please call 512.368.9570 for same-day orders**

Is there alcohol in Boozy Bakes?

Duh. That’s why it’s called BOOZY Bakes!

Can I taste the alcohol?

Oh yes. Some detect it more than others. Keep in mind that these are confection forward with a kick on the back end. Wait for it…

Does all of the alcohol bake out?

No, it does not! Also, we triple-infuse our products for optimal taste & experience.

Will Boozy Bakes get me drunk?

Not likely, but in the very least, they will create an experience or enhance the one you’re already enjoying.

What if no one is home for local delivery?

Orders will not be left anywhere that is in direct sunlight or above 80 degrees. Please ensure someone will be present to receive the order as we do not offer insulated packaging. Redeliveries may be subject to an additional charge.

Do you ship?

Nationwide, baby! (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)

Are Boozy Bakes safe for kids?

Portioned by a mini or couple of bites, yes. Full size are not recommended for under 13yo. Parents should use individual discretion.

Do you do custom orders?

While we produce fresh, we are not a custom bakery. We are a little arrogant and believe they are perfectly designed. Large catering orders may be an exception to this rule. Contact us directly to discuss.

Do you have any special decorations for special occasions?

Have you seen them?? They are special. (If you are looking for writing or topper picks, we are not the bakery for you. Feel free to add on whatever you like after receipt.)

Do you make cakes?


But we really like...

I said No.

Will my friends like Boozy Bakes?

Got anymore stupid questions?