OOH LA LA | Chocolate & Raspberry Vodka

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OOH LA LA | Chocolate & Raspberry Vodka

Mon chéri, embark on a forbidden tango of flavors with Ooh La La, a gourmet chocolate raspberry vodka cupcake fit for a rendezvous under the vast Western sky. Imagine, if you will, a rich chocolate cake, as dark and mysterious as a hidden gold mine. This delectable morsel is infused with the forbidden whisper of framboise vodka, a touch as captivating as a hidden love note. Our frosting, a decadent dance of chocolate and raspberry vodka, completes this intoxicating waltz on your tongue. Ooh La La is more than just a dessert; it’s a romantic escape for two adventurous souls. Indulge in this unique cupcake flavor, a taste of Parisian intrigue amidst the rugged beauty of the West. Perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of adult indulgence, Ooh La La is a secret best shared with someone special.

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