CHOCOHOLIC | Infused Chocolate Cupcakes Assortment

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CHOCOHOLIC | Infused Chocolate Cupcakes Assortment

Best Chocolate Cupcakes Delivered in Austin!

Welcome to the Chocoholic’s Tipsy by Chocolate – where chocolate gets a little naughty! These cupcakes are so chocolatey, even cocoa beans envy them, and they’ve got a cheeky secret ingredient. From the dark and mysterious to the creamy and dreamy, our cupcakes are the ultimate chocolate escape with a tantalizing twist of boozy indulgence. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of a chocolatey soirée with a sip of sophistication, grab a pack of these cocoa-packed delights, and let the festivities begin. Caution: These ebony beauties may cause uncontrollable smiles, chocolatey daydreams, and a dash of revelry!

Assortment includes the following:

  • OOH LA LA | Chocolate & Dark Cherry Vanilla Whiskey
  • SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN | Chocolate Bourbon
  • THE MADAM | Chocolate & Raspberry Vodka

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Products Contain the Following: 

Gluten, Milk, Eggs