GAY AF | Funfetti Lemonade & Raspberry Vodka

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GAY AF | Funfetti Lemonade & Raspberry Vodka

Looking for a way to glitz up June and celebrate Pride the Gay AF way?

Introducing the life of the party, our Gay AF Cupcake! This isn’t just any cupcake – it’s a dazzling fusion of funfetti and zesty lemonade, infused with the cheeky spirit of raspberry vodka. A flavor explosion that’s oh so fabulous. Unapologetically bold and brilliantly vibrant, it’s the cupcake that knows how to have a good time. So, whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just craving some joy, our Gay AF Cupcake is here to add a splash of fabulousness to your day. Because who says cupcakes can’t be as fun as your most vibrant friend?

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Gluten, Milk, Eggs